Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (2023)

Does your teenager know what they want for Christmas? If they are anything like my sons and my nephews they don’t. It’s not that they are spoiled or have everything a teen could want, it’s just that they are pretty content with everything they have. This makes Christmas shopping for my teens very difficult. It’s why I had to write a guide to unique gifts for teens.

I can’t be the only one having trouble shopping for gifts for my teens. While it could be easy to just give cash or load them up with video games, I want to gift something memorable. I want to gift my teens something unique, but also something they will enjoy.

I’ve spent some time researching these last few weeks. Giving my teens firsthand experience trying out some products and talking to them about other ones. I took the best ideas for stocking stuffers and put it into this guide of 100 Stocking Stuffers for Teens.

Then I pulled together the gift ideas that were really special for this guide to Unique Gifts for Teens. You could even use some of these gift ideas for preteens and college students too! The grown ups may enjoy some of these ideas too. I know I would.

Let this guide to gifts for teens make your shopping easier. Use it for the ideas or even better shop right from our links (some are affiliates) and have everything shipped to your home. No leaving the house. No dealing with crowds or hoping the store hasn’t reached max capacity. Shopping made easy.

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2022 Unique Gifts for Teens That Don’t Know What They Want

We received samples of most of these products and have spent the past few weeks testing them out. We are still reviewing items so a few more items will be added between now and December 15, 2022.

Some of the products listed below in our teen gift guide are from previous years. They were such a hit with our teens that we felt they deserved to remain a part of this gift guide for teens.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. Jersey Family Fun participates in affiliate programs that allow us to earn a commission if you make a purchase using our link.

Yummy & Sweet Treats for Teens

Cookie Grams from Cookie Dough Confections

Remember how the cookie decorating kits were such a hit not so long ago? Bring that joy back to your teen with their own Cookie Gram kit. This kit has everything one needs to create the cutest cookies! No baking is required.

Kit includes:

  • 2 baked gingerbread cookies
  • 2 bakes sugar snowflake cookies
  • Ready-made icing
  • Peppermint sanding sugar
  • Personalized note
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Let teens pick their snacks with SnackMagic

I have to admit this was one of my favorite gifts to pick for my teens. I loved it so much that I’m gifting my hard-to-shop-for, don’t-know-what-they-want nephews gift boxes from SnackMagic.

Teens can sometimes be hard to buy for, but all teens love snacks! So there’s no better gift, for the teen that doesn’t know what they want, than SnackMagic this holiday season. It’s one of the simplest ways to bring joy to one another: through food!

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Here’s how SnackMagic works:

Whether you’re sending to one special teen or all the teens in your family, all you have to do is set your desired budget and send them an email. Get started at the SnackMagic website.

With their gift budget in mind, teens can choose from over 1,000 different snacks, goodies, and beverages. SnackMagic offers a mix of well-known, new, and hard-to-find brands and drinks. Whether your teens are looking for healthy snacks or indulgent treats, allergy-friendly options or to try something new and unusual the SnackMagic menu has a variety of hidden gems brought together to meet the needs of every type of snacker.

You can of course surprise your loved ones with a pre-curated snack box, gourmet cakes, and other sweet treats, but I think it’s more fun to let the teens shop from SnackMagic’s inventory directly. And no worries about shipping it’s all included within the gift budget.

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Screen-Free Activity Gifts for Teens

Tiny Treehouses

When these tiny treehouses were first introduced to me as a unique gift idea for teens, I knew they would be a hit with my oldest. Part plant decor, part crafting project, Tiny Treehouses makes a memorable building project for a teen that might feel too old for building blocks.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (5)

The DIY wooden model kits are intricate and incredibly detailed and double as a charming lighting option. All Tiny Treehouses come with LED lights to give the miniature homes a brilliant luminescence at night.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (6)

They are available in a range of styles and difficulties so they can work for any teen’s crafting abilities. Visit the Tiny Treehouses website to see their entire collection.

Bob Ross Paint with Water Paperback

There is so much to love about this Bob Ross – Paint with Water paperback. With 24 paint with water pages and 12 coloring pages, it’s part coloring book, part painting book. Every page is a Bob Ross original recreated so we can replicate his popular pieces.

It’s super easy to take with you and paint wherever you can get a cup of water. Or your teen can head to the park with the book in one hand and an extra water bottle in the other. The book comes with its own paintbrush and a special spot to hold it in. There’s an extra page that folds over other pages, therefore, allowing you to have a layer of protection between pages when you’re painting.

The Bob Ross Paint with Water paperback is also in stock and less than $11. Get the Bob Ross Paint with Water paperback on Amazon.

A Billion Random Acts of Kindness Prompted Journal

If you were to give your teen a regular list of random acts of kindness they could do, they might roll your eyes or give you an ‘oh mom’. But this isn’t a typical list, this is a journal of ideas for random acts of kindness with a twist.

This prompted journal by Brass Monkey is filled to the brim with countless things to accomplish…but instead of regular ideas, these random (really random) acts of kindness will bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. For example, idea #65 “Buy a gift card to a restaurant and give it to someone waiting to be seated sd you leave.”

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (7)

Idea #196 Walk around a park and hand out cheap kites to anyone having a picnic.” Idea # 103 Draw a self-portrait and send it to your parents. Guilt them into making it the background of their phone.

Ideas like that and other ones at a bit of humor to the act of being kind. Get A Billion Random Acts of Kindness Prompted Journal on Amazon.

6- Minute Dinners (and More!) Cookbook

Trying to get the teen into cooking or maybe they want to cook but don’t have a lot of time, get the 6- Minute Dinners (and More!) cookbook. This cookbook is all about flavor and ease with recipes that only require 6 ingredients (or less) and 6 minutes of prep. In just a few minutes’ time, your teen can prepare something delicious to eat.

Get the 6- Minute Dinners (and More!) cookbook on Amazon. By purchasing this cookbook donations will be made to help feed those with food insecurity

At First Sight Tangram Puzzle

The At First Sight Tangram Puzzle is a tangram puzzle with 42 possible shape combinations. I love that it comes in a gift box that might fit into a stocking but more importantly can fit into a backpack. It’s a great little activity for teens to pull out of their backpacks when they need a mental break during the day or a fun alternative to spending their lunch period on their phones.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (8)

The At First Sight Tangram Puzzle comes with a book that shows the different shape combinations without telling you how the shapes are configured. Some shapes may be easy while others are going to challenge your teen. Get the At First Sight Tangram Puzzle on Amazon.

Project Genius Head Spin Game

What do you get when you take a brain teaser and combine it with a game? You get the Project Genius’ Head Spin game. Head Spin is a new quick-paced family game. Quick fingers and minds race to crack the color code and dial it in on their fidget spinner. The first to get their spinner on the landing pad with the right color combo wins the round!

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (9)

The game comes with 2 fidget spinners. You can purchase more to take the game from a 2 player game to multi players. The game also includes 100 (two-sided) puzzle cards. The challenge is on one side and the solution is on the other. Get the Project Genius Head Spin Game on Amazon.

Travel Gear for Teens

I love love love this collection of travel gear for teens. It’s tough, rugged, and spacious. The best part? It can be monogrammed with your teen’s initials. Because let’s admit it, teens lose stuff. And sometimes luggage can blend in with other luggage on the baggage belt. Making these the perfect luggage bags and travel accessories for your teen.

Be Fashionable while Supporting other countries with Taaluma Totes Carry a Country backpacks

With Taaluma Totes, you bring with you a piece of culture while traveling. Each purchase supports microloans in the country whose bag you choose. Pick a country you want to support and choose a bag made from fabric from that country.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (10)

The durable and roomy bags are versatile enough to bring with you everywhere, making it perfect for everyday use too. I now bring my Holland bag everywhere.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (11)

Here are just some reasons that make it a great backpack for travelers:

  • Fun fabrics from around the world – Show off a country’s culture through traditional fabrics.
  • Room for your cargo – Light excursions or heavy explorations, fit everything you need in one place.
  • Durable beyond belief – From travel to work or school, we’ve got your back.
  • A mission-driven company – Who believes in giving back to the world and each purchase funds a microloan, supporting local small businesses.

The Combat Backpack, an embroidered backpack from Groovy Guy Gifts

The Combat Backpack is an awesome rugged duffel backpack. We all know teens can be rough on their stuff so make sure they are traveling with a bag that can stand up to it. Not only do I love the durability of this travel gear for teens, but I love all the storage space it offers. I feel like this Combat Backpack is going to be the perfect carry-on bag for my oldest teen. It comes in a variety of colors and thread colors for the monogramming.

More details about the Combat Backpack

  • Convertible Back pack / Duffel Bag With Hideaway Padded Back Straps
  • Durable Cotton Canvas Bag Measures 19″ x 11″ overall
  • Hideaway Panel Pocket for Backpack Straps
  • 2 side pockets with Hidden Zipper Closure (7.25″ x 8.75″)
  • 1 Front Pocket with Carry Handle and Zipper (7.5″W x 13.5″L x 2.25″D)

Get this embroidered backpack or similar backpacks from Groovy Guy Gifts.

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The Muscle Duffle, an embroidered duffel bag from Groovy Guy Gifts

Complimenting the Combat Backpack, I chose the muscle duffle for one of my teens. He’ll be traveling to Europe this summer and I want him to have a strong and dependable suitcase as he makes his way from location to location.

The Muscle Duffle works for anything, whether overnight, travel, gym, work or sports. This tough bag features one large exterior pocket with a flap and 2 zipper side pockets. It has leather accents brass closures. This cool travel gear for teems also comes with an adjustable should strap and features two handles with leather connector for easy carrying. It will last a lifetime for that guy that will put it through the ringer. The bag Also Features 2 Convenient Carry Handles, An Adjustable Shoulder Strap And Leather Zip Pulls. Like the backpack, the Muscle Duffle comes in a variety of colors and can be embroidered.

The Muscle Duffle measures 23 x 12 x 11.

Get this embroidered dufflebag or similar dufflebags from Groovy Guy Gifts.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (13)

DeKalb Passport Cover

A teen traveling out of the country is a teen that needs a way to keep their passport safe and protected. That’s where the DeKalb Passport Cover from PEGAI comes in. Their passport covers come in a variety of colors, so I chose one to match my son’s luggage bags. Like the luggage, they can also be monogrammed with your teen’s initials.

Handcrafted from distressed leather it’s designed to last. It fits standard American passports (4.921 × 3.465 in). When folded it measures size: 5″ x 3.75″ (12.7 x 9.5 cm). Get your teen a DeKalb Passport Cover from the PEGAI website.

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Apparal for teens

Boba Fett T-Shirt

With an upcoming series all about Boba Fett, he’s surely going to become more popular than ever. Have your teen ready by gifting him/her a Boba Fett T-Shirt.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (15)

Harry Potter Red Black GryffindorRobe

For the past few years, my youngest teen has been asking for his own robe. When I saw this Harry Potter robe, I instantly knew it would be a hit with him. A golden fabric belt slips through the loops on this comfy fleece robe to keep things cinched together while the hood will have your teen feeling exceptionally wizardly!

Get your teen a Harry Potter Red Black Gryffindor Robe on the Fun.com website.

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Fun Make Up Gifts for Teens

When considering unique gifts for teens you must consider these HipDot makeup kits. We’ve never seen anything like them.

HipDot x Girl Scouts

You’ve likely seen how Girl Scout cookies have influenced ice creams, drinks, and other treats. Now it’s making an impact on makeup for teens.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (17)

The HipDot x Girl Scouts Collector’s Box limited-edition bundle includes two deliciously scented eyeshadow palettes, three creamy lipsticks, two custom-designed eye brushes, and a collector’s box for Girl Scout Cookie enthusiasts and beauty lovers alike.

Our teen reviewer says, “I love how the lipstick is very neutral and can fit different skin tones. I love how the eyeshadow is very pigmented and bright. Some of the lipsticks don’t have as strong of a scent as others.”

HipDot x Cup Noodles

The popular Ramen Noodles take a new twist with the HipDot x Cup Noodles Limited Edition Collector’s Box.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (18)

Inspired by the warm tones of the beloved ramen noodle soup, fans can create the most delectable makeup looks that are just as easy as making Cup Noodles itself! The collector’s box includes a pigment palette, lip/cheek set, powder puff, HipDot x Cup Noodles makeup bag, and HipDot x Cup Noodles chopsticks.

Our teen reviewer says, “I love how the blush is bright and vibrant. I also love how the eyeshadows are very pigmented and glowy.”

Unique, Clever, and Fun Gifts for Teens

There were a few more unique gifts for teens that we wanted to include in this year’s gift guide, but they didn’t quite fit into any of our other categories. Yet, we still thought they were pretty awesome and worthy of inclusion.

Taco Slippers

I saw these Taco Slippers from Coddies and I knew my teen would love them. He loves tacos! With these silly fun taco slippers, available on Amazon, any night can be taco night.

Coddies have high-grip anti-skid soles and these taco slippers are tough, non-toxic, and easy to wash.

Middle School―Safety Goggles Advised

For the teens still in middle school, we recommend a copy of the book, Middle School―Safety Goggles Advised. Packed with humor, fun illustrations, choose-you-own ending stories, and insights from teens – this book is the perfect guide to navigate the halls of middle school. It’s a different way to help our tweens and teens take on the stuff that makes for middle school drama.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (19)

Get Middle School―Safety Goggles Advised on Amazon. Written by the author of BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships, Jessica Speer’s interactive books for preteens and teens entertain readers while exploring social-emotional topics. Blending humor, a dash of science, stories, and insights, her writing unpacks the social stuff that peaks during adolescence.

Your New Playlist: The Students’ Guide to Tapping Into the Superpower of Mindset

Your New Playlist: The Students’ Guide to Tapping Into the Superpower of Mindset (Jon Acuff, L.E. Acuff, McRae Acuff) is a guide for teens, written by two teens, to overcome negative thoughts.

Positive or negative, your thoughts matter. They can work for you or against you. In fact, a single repetitive thought believed when you’re a teen can change the course of your entire life. But the good news is you get a choice when it comes to those internal soundtracks. When you learn to create new thoughts, those thoughts lead to new actions, and those actions lead to new results.

This is a great resource for positive mental health—especially as teens navigate challenging family dynamics during the holidays.Your New Playlist: The Students’ Guide to Tapping Into the Superpower of Mindset is available on Amazon.

Personalized Gaming Blanket

I have a teen who love love loves video games. He also is the teen the most likely to steal my tv-watching/game-playing blanket. Now thanks to FlashprintDesigns he will have his own personalized gaming blanket. I can not wait to see his reaction on Christmas morning. The blankets are available on Etsy in three sizes and a variety of designs. This is the gaming blanket I had customized for him.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (20)


Some teens just love slime! If your teen is one of them you must check out all the slime kits available through the Sloomoo Institute. There are seasonal options like the You Sleigh Me, Melted Snowman, Elf-icorn and more. There are year-round options like Fairy Dusted Popcorn, Mermaid Paradise, Hot Diggity Dog DIY, and Party Pooper. The Sloomoo Institute even offers a subscription box where your teen can get FIVE satisfying, hand-crafted slimes per month!

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (21)

Multitasky Foldable LED Ring Light

Is your teen constantly snapping? Is your teen trying to make it big on TikTok? This ring light can help them stream from all angles.

The Multitasky Foldable LED Ring Light can be used on a table, desk, or turned into a free standing accessory with ease. The ring light expands up to 5’6″ full standing height. It folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

This ring light has adjustable brightness and grips to hold up to 3 devices. Get the Multitasky Foldable LED Ring Light for your teen on Amazon.

Gaming Headset

Okay, a gaming headset might not be so unique, but technology is always advancing and teens can be hard on their headsets. If your teen needs a new set or wants to level up consider ThinkWrite Technologies’ new 250XG Victory Gaming Headset.

The ThinkWrite Technologies’ new 250XG Victory Gaming Headset offers gamers newly enhanced levels of audioquality and an immersive experience previously unattainable at this pricepoint, $39.99. My 16 year old whose been reviewing them says they produce a better sound for gaming than his Earpods.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (22)

The headset features a “Silicone Flex” mic boom for clearer communications during games, ergonomically angled ear cups to reduce the noise of external sounds, and moisture-wicking mesh ear cushions and padded headband for comfortable gameplay. Available onAmazonand atwww.thinkwrite.com.

More Ideas for Unique Gifts for Teens that We Still Love

Here are some unique gifts for teens we recommended last year that we still love and our teens love too.

Unique Gifts for Teens

A look back at some of the gifts from last year's guide of unique gifts for teens. These are still a hit in our home.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (23)

Photo Credit: iScream

iscream ICEE at Home Slushie Maker

Pour yourself the coolest drink in town, made right at home with this counter-top Icee Slushie Machine. It looks and operates just like the ones you see at the movies.

Only four ingredients needed: water, ice, Icee flavoring syrup (sold separately) and salt to make the perfect Slushie.

Includes easy to follow step by step instructions for use, care and cleaning. Makes up to four 8 oz. servings of amazing Slushies.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (24)

Photo Credit: Pacific Shaving Company

Pacific Shaving Company Shave Regimen Gift Box Set

Is your son shaving? Get them acquainted with Pacific Shaving Company and their shaving products for men. Their vegan formula includes certified organic ingredients to keep even the most sensitive skin healthy, soothed, and hydrated.

Pacific Shaving Company is a grooming brand with the goal to radically improve the shaving experience by creating products that are good for the skin, good for the planet and good for the wallet! Their gift sets make the perfect unique gift for teens, who want to stay on top of their appearance throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (25)

Photo Credit: dunejewelry.com

Jewelry that brings back memories

Does your teen love the beach? Do they have a favorite memory associated with one?

You need to add the Dune Jewelry to your gift list for your teen. They sent me beautiful samples like this and I’m in love. Dune Jewelry can take sand, shells, or dirt from your teen's favorite beach, hiking trail, or park and embed them into jewelry, ornaments, or other gifts. The pieces are so stunning. The bead bracelet has sand from LBI. They also sent a heart necklace with sand from the Jersey Shore, a cord bracelet with Wildwood sand, and an ornament with beach sand from Cape May.

You don’t even need to collect the sand, shells, or dirt you can pick one from their extensive sand bank. Pick sand from their favorite beach or one that holds a special memory for them. The pieces can be crafted for a teen girl or boy.

Dune Jewelry & Co. creates fine experiential jewelry and home accents using sand & natural elements from thousands of memorable and iconic locations around the globe. You can choose from their Sandbank, or send your own natural element to be incorporated into your design of choice. Custom, personalized jewelry, and accessories that hold a tangible reminder of your favorite moments. They use sand from your favorite beach or golf course, pressed flowers from a wedding or funeral, sand or soil from your favorite hiking trail or infield from your favorite ballpark...the possibilities are endless! Made in the USA, Dune offers a lifetime warranty and happiness guarantee on every design; and a portion of every purchase is proudly donated to important coastal and global causes.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (26)

Photo Credit: RampShot

RampShot Plus Portable Outdoor Backyard Toss Game Set

Here's a fun game that will get the teens outdoors and off their screens. Take a shot and get them RampShot. We took our sample outside one morning, between virtual classes, and all enjoyed it. We weren't too good but it was still a fun way to break up the morning.

RampShot is a four player outdoor game that utilizes two high quality plastic ramps and four racquetball style balls. Teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area and work together to score points by tossing and/or catching the balls.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (27)

Photo Credit: www.huffybikes.com

Huffy Adult Red Tricycle

Would your teen like to bike with their friends?

This adult tricycle is perfect for teens who WANT to bike with their friends but who can’t ride or aren’t comfortable riding a traditional 2 wheel bike. (It even has a basket in the back.)

This Huffy single-speed trike has an easy step-through frame. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to assemble and even easier to pedal with more speed and acceleration.

Arts & Crafts for Teens

Teens love to create! With all this extra time at home stock your teen up with crafting gifts that will get them creating and give them a break from screens. What I love most about these particular crafts is that they are suitable for any teen. They are available in multiple designs or varieties so your teen can customize them and make them their own.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (28)

Photo Credit: chirpwood.com

Chirpwood Shadows Multi-Canvas Art Kit: Lighthouses

Paint by Shadows is everything paint-by-numbers is and everything paint-by-numbers isn’t. Everything you need to paint your version of these beautiful licensed original works of art. Each kit includes 6 canvas shadows, 6 guide images, 24 tubes of acrylic paint, 3 brushes, written and video instructions, and an optional patented TwoStick frame. (all that for $45)

Here’s how it works:

Chirpwood prints beautiful licensed art on canvas in greyscale (the shadow). The budding artist paints directly on top of the shadow using a color guide image for direction. When finished, it is more than a coloring done with paint. It is a unique version of beautiful art, ready to be proudly hung on the wall.

With Paint by Shadows kits, almost anyone canachievegood results, but for those who want more, our art-teacher-vetted instructions ensure a true learning experience.

The kits are phenomenal! They sent me a sample set of the Flowers Kit, and I have to say I have a hard time pulling myself away from it. I would gladly give up my responsibilities for a few days just to paint. If your teen has an interest in painting this would be a great set for them. With 6 different images to paint they can definitely fill a few days or weeks being creative. They can follow the colors of the examples or create their own color scheme. There are no rules, just helpful advice.

FYI - No easels needed. Because of the nature of the canvas I feel like it's actually easier to paint on them while they lay on a flat surface versus hanging from an easel.

While I have the flowers set I purposely showed you the lighthouses set so you could see Chirpwood has a variety of collections available for your teen. Click the link and take a look.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (29)

Photo Credit: Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids Hat Not Hate Quick Knit Loom

I know what you might be thinking, this kit looks like it is for kids. It is, but when my teen and I were working on the sample kit sent to us from Creativity for Kids, he couldn't stop. He started on it before dinner and worked on it up till bedtime. Now he's in the final stages and ready to finish it off.

This is such a fun and easy way to create a knit hat or other items. Teens could easily knit away on the loom while binge watching their favorite show. With 2 hats per set, your teen could easily knit a hat for them and one to gift away. The kit comes with blue yarn, but after the initial hats are done, the loom is still good. Your teen can buy additional yarn, in any shade they choose, for future hat creations.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (30)

Photo Credit: www.diamondartclub.com

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers and has become the hottest quarantine activity taking the crafting world by storm. The Tiktok trending activity is also a favorite for celebrities include Alessandra Ambrosio, Cheryl Burke, Meghan King and Peta Murgatroyd. Who can blame them? This is an addictive fun screen-free activity. With each rhinestone placed individually, you can walk away at anytime without worrying about where you left off.... but once you start it's so hard to walk away.

The Diamond Art Club has so many designs there is sure to be one your teenager will love. When picking out a design, purchase some accessories too. They'll help your teen stay organized as they complete their Diamond paintings.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (31)

Faber-Castell Bullet Journaling Starter Set

Is your teen into journalling? Does she like to doodle with pretty colors?

Consider adding the Faber-Castell Bullet Journaling Starter Setto your gift list. It's a complete beginner set full of quality journal supplies that make journaling focused, organized, fun and fulfilling. Your teen can create their own creative lettering journals, workout trackers, gratitude journals or planners - the blank pages in the journal allow for endless creativity and self-expression.

The 9 Piece Journaling kit includes 6 Pitt Artist Pens (5 brush pens & 1 fineliner), graphite HB writing and sketching pencil with eraser tip, pink pastel highlighter and a 40 page journal with dot grid.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (32)

SmartLab Toys Go Natural Deluxe Lip Balm Lab Kit

Go Natural! Lip Balm Lab builds on the success of the SmartLab Toys best-selling Lip Balm Boutique kit by including flavor, color, and a custom mix-and-melt silicone mold that goes directly into the microwave oven. This deluxe kit also features a creation station, lip balm pods, and two-sided travel pods that can slip easily into a pocket.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (33)

Photo Credit: LEGO

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V

Okay, maybe not a true arts and crafts, but there is still building and creating going on when you put together a LEGO set. And while we didn't receive a sample, we think teens never outgrow LEGOS. They just need grown up sets to match their growing interests.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (34)


Do your teens love loosing themselves in a puzzle? Gift them some new ones this Christmas or for their next birthday. Not only will our list help you find some new puzzles for teens but we also share 20 tips to picking puzzles to help you find the right puzzle for teens.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (35)

Photo Credit: FilettoArt

Macrame Wall Hanging Kit | Etsy

With this Macrame Wall Hanging KIT teens can create their own wall hanging! Use this Macrame Kit Beginner set as a gift for a teen who loves to create beautiful things.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (36)

Photo Credit: www.thesummercampbox.com

The Summer Camp Box of Tye-Dye Fun

Bring summer camp fun home for your teen. THE SUMMER CAMP BOX is a curated set of timeless activities to experience the magic of camp at home.

Most kits are tie-dye centric, while all activities are screen-free with no set schedule, allowing teens…to be kids. While we can’t replicate everything that camp has to offer, the company believes the choice of activities will transport teens right back to their summer days at camp to keep them active, creative, and engaged all year long.

Subscription Boxes for Teens

Give a gift that keeps giving year-round with these subscription boxes for teens.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (37)

Photo Credit: boxandchain.com

Men's Jewelry Subscription Box

Is your teen just getting his jewelry collection started? Help him out with quality pieces that are delivered every month based on his own personal style.

You and/or your teen start with a Box & Chain Style Survey. Then, each month he receives premium pieces of jewelry from popular designers. He keeps all the jewelry he receives for no additional cost. All pieces are 18k gold plated, titanium black plated, or solid stainless steel. Free shipping. No contracts. No additional fees.

Unique Gifts for Teens That Don't Know What They Want (38)

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Introduction: My name is Horacio Brakus JD, I am a lively, splendid, jolly, vivacious, vast, cheerful, agreeable person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.