Bernardo Kastrup - With Reality in Mind, A Five Week Exploration with guests Rupert Spira & Federico Faggin (2023)

The breadth of Bernardo's insight and understanding into the nature of reality and all kinds of related subjects is utterly breathtaking. Thank you Bernardo and Amir for a wonderful, inspiring, transformative four weeks.”★★★★★ - Karen

Bernardo Kastrup is undoubtedly the world's most articulate, rigorous and increasingly well-known defender of metaphysical idealism - the notion that all reality is consciousness. This is a chance to immerse in this perspective together with Bernardo and guests, deepening an understanding for the evidence for this incredible philosophy, and its far-reaching implications.

We're pleased to have nondual teacher Rupert Spira and Federico Faggin (physicist & inventor of the microprocessor) joining as guests.

You will be sent video recordings of the basic material, then we will gather live on zoom for five Tuesdays in a row, the content will develop based on our evolving curiosity and understanding.

Please note that from the second evening we'll be diving deep into this material and you will need a certain level of familiarity with the model to get the most out of the course. When you sign up you will be sent the introductory videos and some other recommended viewing or reading, so if you're new to this approach, its best to sign up early and do some self-study in advance. We recommend at least 10 hours engaged in this material by week two. In that sense this is a more advanced course then previous iterations. If you have any questions or concerns about this please email in advance.

The following outline will evolve based on the group discussion:

(Video) Interview with idealist physicist and inventor of the microprocessor, Federico Faggin

Week One: Introduction to the Group and Course Orientation

We gather for the first week without Bernardo to meet the other course members, review our existing understanding of the material, formulate our questions and cater the rest of the course to the predominate interests of those gathered.

Week Two: Refuting Materialism & The Compelling Case for Idealism

We discuss the philosophical, logical and scientific evidence that refutes materialism as a good explanation for what we know about reality. Materialism is the belief that nothing exists except matter, its movements and modifications. In this worldview, consciousness is sometimes thought of as an emergent property of specific arrangements of inert matter. We will cover the many reasons why this artificially creates the ‘Hard Problem of Consciousness and the reasons why idealism is a far more parsimonious explanation.

We will cover the rational and empirical evidence for idealism, drawing on neuroscience, physics, philosophy and basic common sense. We will delve into Bernardo's unique way of expressing the idea that all life forms are like whirlpools of individualised consciousness inside one vast oceanic universal consciousness.

Week Three: The Meaning of Life - Special Guest Federico Faggin

Although Federico is best known as the inventor of the microprocessor, Bernardo considers him as the world's most well rounded idealist alive today. He brings profound personal experience combined with the scientific rigour of physicist who's brilliant mind has changed the landscape of our world.

You can see an interview with him here.

Consciousness must be fundamental. It must be the starting point of reality as opposed to the ending point of evolution that created us.” - Federico Faggin

This week we will consider how apart from being logically coherent and consistent with science, this philosophy can impart deep meaning and joy to how we live our day to day lives.We discuss the link with the philosophies of Carl Jung, Schopenhauer and other wester idealists.

Week Four: Implications and Ramifications of Idealism - Bernardo Kastrup Speaks “Off the Record”

As it becomes easier to consider Idealism as a reasonable way of understanding reality, it becomes exciting to ponder the implications and ramifications of this worldview.

(Video) Idealism and the Nature of Ultimate Reality: Are We All in a Shared Dream? With Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

  • What does this mean for our personal relationships, our dreams and our place in the natural world?
  • How might we now understand death, trauma, health, sickness and suffering?
  • What are the implications of psychedelic, out-of-body, mystical and near-death experiences?

Week Five: Ego, Self, Non-Duality & Enlightenment with Guest Rupert Spira

Many are quick to point out the similarities between Bernardo's worldview and ancient nondual perspectives such as the Advaita Vedanta.In week five, we are joined by acclaimed nondual teacher Rupert Spira to discuss the similarities and differences between such spiritual traditions and western metaphysical idealism, as well as how one might come to an experiential realisation of the theories discussed.

You can see excerpts from a previous discussion here.

"Bernardo has this very rare ability of combining philosophy, science and spirituality in a holistic perspective, and communicating his vision is a clear and inspiring way that also laypersons understand. Very much looking forward to the next edition of this course!"
★★★★★- Frank Dierick

Dates and Times

You will be sent recordings to watch in your own time before the live events to familiarise yourself with the basic concepts.
We gather on zoom over five Tuesday evenings in a row, at 7pm UK time, starting Tues Nov 8th 2022
Sessions run for at least 2 hours, sometimes significantly longer.Recordings of each session are set to all participants except for the fourth session to allow Bernardo to speak ‘off the record’ to include views that are not shared publicly.

Tues 8th Nov, 7pm UK time
Tues 15th Nov, 7pm Uk time
Tues 22nd Nov, 7pm UK time
Tues 29th Nov, 7pm UK time (Not recorded, live only)
Tues 6th Dec, 7pm UK time

If money is a barrier to attendance, please get in touch. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

“Phenomenal talk. Bernardo is truly a great philosopher... truly inspiring and life-changing. So thank you to Bernardo, the Psychadelic Society for organising, and to everybody else in attendance, who consistently asked profound questions!★★★★★ - Andre

(Video) The Big Idea | Bernardo Kastrup on The Subjective Experience

About Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo Kastrup - With Reality in Mind, A Five Week Exploration with guests Rupert Spira & Federico Faggin (1)

Photo by Pedro Henrique Casarin

Bernardo Kastrup's work has been leading the modern renaissance of the philosophical position, ‘metaphysical idealism’ that reality is essentially mental, an appearance in ‘mind.’ Bernardo has a Ph.D. in philosophy (ontology, philosophy of mind) and another Ph.D. in computer engineering (reconfigurable computing, artificial intelligence). As a scientist, Bernardo has worked for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories (where the 'Casimir Effect' of Quantum Field Theory was discovered). Formulated in detail in many academic papers and books, his ideas have been featured on Scientific American, the Institute of Art and Ideas, the Blog of the American Philosophical Association and Big Think, among others. Bernardo's most recent book is The Idea of the World: A multi-disciplinary argument for the mental nature of reality. For more information, freely downloadable papers, videos, etc., please visit

About Rupert Spira

Bernardo Kastrup - With Reality in Mind, A Five Week Exploration with guests Rupert Spira & Federico Faggin (2)

From an early age, Rupert Spira was deeply interested in the nature of reality and the source of lasting peace and happiness. After spending twenty years immersed in the teachings of classical Advaita Vedanta, he met his teacher, Francis Lucille, who introduced him to the Direct Path approach whereby one may recognise the source of peace and happiness in oneself. Rupert has written several books and holds regular meetings and retreats online, as well as in Europe and the United States. He is also a noted potter, trained in the British Studio Pottery school, with work in public and private collections.

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
Youtube -

About Federico Faggin

Bernardo Kastrup - With Reality in Mind, A Five Week Exploration with guests Rupert Spira & Federico Faggin (3)

Physicist Federico Faggin is none other than the inventor of both the microprocessor and silicon gate technology, which spawned the explosive progress in computer technology we have witnessed over the past five decades. He is also probably the world’s most well-rounded idealist alive. Mr. Faggin approaches idealism from both a deeply technical and a deeply personal, experiential perspective. In 2010, he received the 2009 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the highest honor the United States confers for achievements related to technological progress. In 2011, Faggin founded the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation to support the scientific study of consciousness at US universities and research institutes.

Bernardo considers him ‘probably the most well-rounded Idealist alive today.’


★★★★★ Bernardo is a true pioneer and a brilliant thinker (and experiencer). One of my favorite aspects of Bernardo's personality is his humility and his unpretentiousness. Very enjoyable and enriching. Should follow up in 3 mos min.” - Tomas

★★★★★ “Listening to Bernardo makes my whole Being fizz with excitement. Excellent content, thank you so much for hosting this. And Amir is the ideal facilitator - curious, playful, respectful, attentive, and organised.” - Liam

(Video) Chris Langan - Curt Jaimungal - Bernardo Kastrup - Consciousness, Metaphysics, Computation, and God

★★★★★ This was a fascinating 4 weeks on the nature of consciousness. Highly recommended.” Frank I

★★★★★ It was a wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot through out this course, Bernardo is such a very articulate philosopher and Amir is such a very good coordinator. I am so grateful for having had this experience.” - Nour

★★★★★ "Great course! Very insightful and original. Impressive how Bernardo is able take a holistic/multidisciplinary perspective and is able to translate difficult philosophical and scientific concepts into everyday language. A course definitely worthwhile repeating!" - Frank

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(Video) Meaning and Idealism with Bernardo Kastrup

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